H.S. Mitri D.D.S., Washington DC
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Need a Dentist in Washington DC, You Came to The Right Place: Cosmetic, Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry Including Bleaching, Veneers, Crowns and Implants.

Cosmetic Dentistry, Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry Including Bleaching, Veneers, Teeth Implants and Crowns in Washington DC since 1989.

Dr. Mitri provides cosmetic dentistry in Washington DC.What is Cosmetic Dentistry and why do you need it:
Cosmetic dentistry improves your smile so that your teeth may reflect beauty, cleanliness and close to perfection.
It is a procedure that make your teeth look and feel better, so when you smile people will admire you, it involves series of appointments in which the surface of the teeth is worked up on so we can cover them with veneer which is a layer of porcelain that's glued on top of the teeth, it requires a minimum invasive technique that does not require anesthesia, it requires a couple of appointments in which you come we do not anesthetize you, we do not shave the teeth we nearly just glue on the top of them a series of veneer which is a covering which is immediately make your smile look better, it can whiten your teeth at the same time, it can lighten the color and it reshape your teeth so they'll feel and look better.

Restorative dentistry
Restorative dentistry and implants restores the perfect function of your bite & allows you to chew better & prevents any deterioration of your teeth. Restorative Dentistry and treatment is basically filling your teeth when you have small or large cavities, putting crowns on your teeth when the cavities are too large to be dealt with through filling, and putting bridges to replace any missing teeth, now restorative treatment can include putting denture for people who lost all their teeth.
Restorative treatment involves few appointments in which the teeth have to be cleaned, shaped down properly and impressions are to be taken so we can fabricate the proper crowns or bridges.
As always, at the end of this swift and easy procedure, patients will go home with a great smile.

Orthodontics treatment
Orthodontics treatment is another specialty in which the teeth can be straightened, to look and to feel better.Dr. Mitri is a certified provider for “Invisalign”, He has provided care for patients thru “Invisalign” since 2005.
The average orthodontics treatment for “Invisalign” lasts between 9 and 12 months, it doesn’t involve putting any braces on your teeth, it nearly involves wearing retainers or aligners which are very clear and only few people will be able to tell that you’re wearing something on your teeth, you’ll wear them day and night, you’ll be able to take them out when you eat, it is the newer technology to straightened your teeth without the hassle of braces.

Periodontal treatment
Periodontal treatment deals with getting rid of gingivitis and gum diseases. It strengthens your gums and prevents bad breath.
Periodontal includes gingivitis or gum disease. It affects a large number of the population.
The treatment of periodontal disease can be as simple as a gum cleaning.
To prevent periodontal disease, every patient should floss and brush his teeth properly. Periodontal disease treatment may include doing gum surgery and doing bone graft and gum graft and that become very complicated, but the basic of periodontal disease treatment is to keep or gums healthy, treat them well, brush them and floss them properly and come regularly for cleaning.
Dr. Mitri Provides the following Dentistry services in Washington DC:
Cosmetic dentistry, periodontics dentistry, restorative dentistry, teeth bleaching, veneers, teeth implants, teeth crowns, general dentistry, and more.
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